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          Xidian Media Lab was founded in April 2015 by Prof. Cheolkon Jung,and is investigating various topics in multimedia signal processing and communications. Currently, we have 4 full-time faculties, 2 managing staffs, 1 post-doctoral researcher, 6 Ph.D. students, and 35 M.S. students.

          Specific topics we are interested in and researching are as follows:

          (1) Deep learning for machine intelligence;
          (2) Stereoscopic 3D video processing;
          (3) Multimedia annotation, retrieval, and security;
          (4) Image super-resolution;
          (5) Computational photography;
          (6) Perceptual video coding and H.265;

          Join Us

          We are looking for self-motivated new members:
          graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.
          Contact: zhengzk@xidian.edu.cn

          Latest News

          (2019-6-5) 西电媒体实验室入选"全球性ICT人才培养单位"

          (2019-1-2) 苏浩楠博士加入师资博士后

          (2018-11-27) 西电媒体实验室建设的学科和科研平台:
          1.学科: 新数字媒体与通信技术
          2.平台: 陕西省新一代数字媒体国际合作基地

          (2018-6-15) 柯鹏硕士获第四届“工程硕士实习实践优秀成果获得者”荣誉

          (2018-3-15) 刘怡博士加入西电媒体实验室



          Brochure available HERE!


          Physical Address

          Office 203, the Building 100
          Xidian University
          2 South Taibai Road
          Xi’an, 710071

          ?2015 Xidian Media Lab. All rights reserved.
          Email: jushutaoxidian@163.com